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In 1916, the National Defense Act created the first Junior ROTC unit. In 1993, AFJROTC was established in Scripps Ranch High School. In 2010, CA-935th took home the Stillwell Trophy for the very first time. And now, in 2020, we are well on our way towards reaching unprecedented achievements under unprecedented circumstances.

COVID-19, one of the greatest tragedies in history has stormed the globe, affecting the lives of millions as well as the cadets of our AFJROTC unit. The drill teams are worried, the flights frustrated, and everyone is confused, not knowing what tomorrow will hold, and what will become of our unit under such isolated, seemingly worst-case conditions. However, even with so many obstacles in our path, I have no doubt that we will overcome and conquer these challenges the same way we have every other year: together.

Our CyberPatriot Team has no coach to hold their hands or teach them the material. Still they press on; upperclassmen mentor underclassmen, teams practice long hours on a weekly basis, and every year, they compete just as successfully as any other team, winning first place in the All-Service Division in 2019.

Our StellarXplorers Team just began two years ago, with zero experience and little knowledge on where to even start. But immediately they got to work, teaching each other the basics of STK all the way up to the intricacies of satellite construction. After placing highly in the Semi-Final Round last year, they have fierce ambitions to go to Nationals this year.

Our Youth Physical Fitness Team, Special Teams, Drill Teams, our Color Guard, Kitty Hawk and Maintenance team, and of course our flights- it’s truly amazing how much people can accomplish with a unified vision, mutual trust, and a drive to succeed. This is why I applied to be the Unit Group Commander, this is why I love our program so much, and this is why I am so confident in our future, 2020 and forever.

c/urbff Christian Yoon


Scripps Ranch High School’s Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) CA-935th program has been the number one JROTC unit in the San Diego Unified School District for many years. We value hard-work, friendship, and achievement, pushing our cadets not only to be their best, but also to perform their best.

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