Foxtrot Flight

Foxtrot Flight Commander: Christina Nguyen
Hey hey hey lovely people! I am the one...and only... c/2nd Lt. Christina Nguyen and I am the Foxtrot Flight Commander for this year!! This is my third year in AFJROTC, and my time in this program has been absolutely outstanding. I’ve been given the opportunity to meet new people, to lead, and to do so much more because of this program. Besides being a flight commander, I’m a member of the Unarmed Fancy Drill Team and part of the organizations Covers for Lives and Care House. If I’m not working, I’ll most likely be doing digital art, playing games, or creating new projects to work on. My ultimate goal this year is to put myself out into the world more and become a better version of myself. And how will I do this? I guess you’ll have to wait and see what happens;> I can’t wait to meet you all and I look forward to having an outstanding year with you all. If you need any help or have any questions about AFJROTC, classes, or why it’s a bad idea to heat up your Costco hot dog in a microwave, feel free to come to me for that anytime. Once again, I look forward to having an outstanding year with you all!!

Foxtrot Flight Sergeant: Lucky Hong
Wassup you beautiful human beings. It's the homie, c/TSgt Lucky Hong and I'm the Foxtrot Flight Sergeant for this year. This year will be my second year in AFJROTC, and I have been a part of Public Affairs and Logistics. At first I didn't understand JROTC, but when I got the chance to meet the outstanding people and experience the amazing squadrons and teams, I fell in love with this program. Outside of school you'll probably see me playing League of Legends, solving a Rubik's cube, video/photo editing, vibing with my friends on discord, or watching food videos and TikToks at 3am. I was also on the school tennis team and love to swim as well. While 2020 hasn't been the best year, I hope to make the most of it with this program. So if you have any questions about AFJROTC, my hobbies, school, why I'm hardstuck in League, or anything else, feel free to hit me up! PS - The bravo flights sergeant's real name is Qaliegh Huinn


Christina Nguyen

Foxtrot Flight Commander


Lucky Hong

Foxtrot Flight Sergeant


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