Foxtrot Flight

Foxtrot Flight Commander: Vincent Sanchez
Yo what's down guys, it’s c/2d Lt Vincent Sanchez, and imma be the Foxtrot's Flight commander for this year. 2022-23 is gonna be my junior year at SRHS and my third year in RO. Along with filling PE credits and offering opportunities to help out around the school, this program pushes you to take the steps to elevate yourself above all the other basic nons. fr tho RO helped build my self confidence and improve my life morale, and it will for anybody as well if you take the red pill and put your heart in it. Outside of school, I try to workout, build mini bikes/go karts, produce music on the dl, draw random stuff, and play Minecraft(I am mentally age 9). I also watch tv shows like The Boys, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul. If you wanna chat about sumthn(RO-related or not), leave me a message on insta, discord, or snap if anybody still uses it. Can’t wait for this year and to meet all of you!

Foxtrot Flight Sgt: Samiya (Sami) Soman
Yooo wassup yall? My name is Samiya, more commonly known as Sami, Soman (either works, I don’t really have a preference!) , and I’m so hyped to be the Foxtrot Flight Sergeant! Within RO, I’m in the Unarmed Fancy Drill Team, Academic Bowl, and Kitty Hawk Tutoring! Outside of RO, I’m quite the kpop fan, very into the 70s-90s rock music, I enjoy anime, a huge enthusiast of binging Netflix or Youtube, I enjoy playing video games, I have a second-degree (almost third!) black belt in Taekwondo, I’m wasian+multilingual, and I’m in MUN. If we share any common interests, feel free to talk to me about them! I really hope your experience in AFJROTC this year is beyond amazing; RO is all about making true friends and reaching your true potential! This program really changed me in such a positive way, and I hope it does for you as well <3. Once again, feel free to reach out to me any time (via Discord, Instagram, Snap, or text will work just fine, I just need someone to fuel my extroverted battery!) and I’ll try my best to help or respond as soon as possible! Let’s make this year one to never forget!!! Malonu su jumis visais susipažinti ! ♡ ♡


Vincent Sanchez

Foxtrot Flight Commander


Samiya Soman

Foxtrot Flight Sergeant


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