Foxtrot Flight

Foxtrot Flight Commander: Athena Amanatidis
Hello everyone! *If you’re reading this, you’re awesome! I am c/2nd Lt. Athena Amanatidis (Ahh-Maa-Naa-Tee-Dees :) I am a junior at “the ranch.” I love all kinds of music, ESPECIALLY the Beatles because they’re amazing. I love learning new languages and I am fluent in Spanish, English, and American Sign Language, currently learning Greek. I am Hispanic, Greek, and American. I am obsessed with dinosaurs because, they’re amazing, and I love helping people so please don’t hesitate to talk with me if there’s anything you need help with! I hope you all have an amazing year this year! :)))))

Foxtrot Flight Sergeant: Nyssa Sais Montoya
Hello I’m c/TSgt Nyssa Sais Montoya and I am the Foxtrot flight sergeant! I am a sophomore at SRHS, I have gone to 7 different schools and moved from Canada when I was young(yes I love maple syrup and no i don’t say “eh”). Scripps Ranch is by far one of the best schools out of all of them and within AFJROTC I am the APT sergeant as well as apart of a drill team. Outside of RO I enjoy playing sports, the piano, guitar, reading and hanging out with my friends. I also love to travel and eat food(emphasis on food). I’m also extremely talkative and will make friends with anyone. I hope to have a wonderful year and make many fun memories.;)


Athena Amanatidis

Foxtrot Flight Commander


Nyssa Sais Montoya

Foxtrot Flight Sergeant


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