Charlie Flight

Charlie Flight Commander: EJ Buan
Hello Cadets! I’m c/2nd Lt. EJ Buan! I’m currently a senior and this is my fourth year attending SRHS and this amazing AFJROTC program! I will be your Charlie Flight Commander for the AY 2020-2021! I’ve been a member of the Armed Fancy Drill Team and Awareness Presentation Team. On the other hand, I’m also a gamer, weightlifter, a former poet, and Good Shepherd Youth Choir member. This program is OUTSTANDING! I may also say it’s life-changing. It’s bursting with extracurricular activities and opportunities. If you open your door to these activities and opportunities, then you will be greeted with many lessons and fun memories! Joining this program does NOT mean you have to join the military, this program is geared towards developing cadets into leaders. I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities and experiences this program has granted me. I’m excited to meet you all and to make this year as memorable as possible. If you have any questions regarding myself, anything about the program, or you just need that shoulder to lean on then feel free to message me! I hope you have a great rest of your day :)

Charlie Flight Sergeant: Jessica Pham
(858) 603-8623
Greetings, I’m c/TSgt Jessica Pham and I’ll be serving as your Charlie flight sergeant! I joined this program halfway in my freshman year, so believe me when I say I totally understand the feeling of being completely and utterly lost. But I got through the apprehension, started to participate in activities, learned a few acronyms, and after many embarrassing mistakes during inspections, my only regret still is that I didn’t join sooner. So if I, a person whose only personality trait is being stressed, can do it, so can you. The community within RO really is unlike any other. Some other things I enjoy are playing violin, singing, and attempting to bake. I also am a night owl through and through, and during the nighttime I like to journal, think about the human condition, and pretend that scrolling through social media in bed counts as sleep. I think we all could use a little more fun and happiness in our lives, especially this year, so I hope that you’ll find that here in RO and I hope that I can be a part of it. Whether you have a question about the program or just need a buddy, you can talk to me anytime—I’m awake in the mornings for school, and I also basically sleep in the morning too. Let’s make this an amazing year!


EJ Buan

Charlie Flight Commander


Jessica Pham

Charlie Flight Sergeant


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