Alpha Flight

Alpha Flight Commander: Abel Hurtado
Yeehaw, ‘sup y’all? My name’s c/2nd Lt. Abel Hurtado, but y’all already knew that. I’m the Alpha Flight Commander for the 2020-2021 AY! I’ve been vibing in RO for 4 years now, and if there’s one thing I know other than clutching Gulag, it’s that RO is very radical. I started out as a semi-unreliable cadet during my freshman year, but after some time, RO showed me that I could be more than just a circus clown and part-time epic gamer. RO became my home away from home, and by Odin’s beard I wish I could stay forever. When I’m not down in the battlefield known as SRHS, commanding my flight, I’m either watching YouTube videos, playing COD Warzone with the homies, or sleeping till I remember I have homework to do. I’m also a member of the Unarmed Fancy Drill Team, so if you’re ever considering a team to join later on, I better see your beautiful faces there, I mean it! >:( I’ll be coming after you if you don’t! Need help with drill? Assistance with sounding-off? Need someone to help you rob a bank? Hit me up, let’s get down to business. I look forward to meeting you all! As always, make it an oUtStAnDiNg day, or not, the choice is yours! 🤠🔔

Alpha Flight Sergeant: Pahel Srivastava
Hi everyone! I’m c/TSgt Pahel Srivastava, and I’m the Alpha flight sergeant for the 2020-2021 school year! In ROTC, I do CyberPatriot, Logistics, and I’m on the Unarmed Fancy Drill Team (yes UFDT is the best drill team). Outside of ROTC, I do a lot of STEM activities. Last year, I participated in three robotics competitions, Science Olympiad, and other STEM related initiatives. Among all of my extracurriculars, there is one thing in common: I love talking to people! Whether it is communicating with students overseas as part of my STEM initiative, or talking to ROTC cadets, I can probably chew anyone’s ears off! As the Alpha flight sergeant I look forward to talking to each and every one of you and turning our flight into a family. You can talk to me about absolutely anything. If a flight sergeant can’t do pushups, you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed of around me 🙂 Side note: Abel actually isn’t as intimidating as everyone thinks he is.


Abel Hurtado

Alpha Flight Commander


Pahel Srivastava

Alpha Flight Sergeant


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