Alpha Flight

Alpha Flight Commander: Amanda Nguyen

Phone Number: (858)-258-3668
Hello cello fellows! I'm c/2dLt Amanda Nguyen. I'll be the Alpha Flight Commander for 23-24. I'm a Junior and it will be my third year in ROTC. This program has been one of the best decisions I've made. It gave me opportunities to grow out of my shell and meet new people. As well, it helped me polish my strengths and find new ones. I love this program. As well, I love to listen to music in my free time. A few of my favorite artists are Thornapple, Odetari, and Newjeans, but please give me song recommendations. While listening to music, I tend to craft and make room decor too. Some other things I enjoy are true crime podcasts, reading mangas/webtoons, and robloxing with my friends (⌐■_■). Now that summer is ending, I'm excited to meet all the new and returning cadets and share my passion for RO as a mentor to you guys. If you have any questions, RO-related or not, don't be scared to shoot me a message. I'll respond back within 1 hour. Life can be tough but having a shoulder to lean on makes it more bearable. Can't wait for this year!

Alpha Flight Sergeant: Julia Zou

Phone Number: (858)-877-1732
Hallooo! I’m c/TSgt Julia Zou but feel free to call me by whatever weird renditions of my name that you can come up with! This year, I’ll be your Alpha (male) Flight Sergeant and I’m so excited coming in as a sophomore in our JROTC program. I’m sure it’s pretty nerve-wracking for your first time but trust me, you’ll very easily find where you belong in our program and make a lot of friends soon! Along with being in Operations, I’m also in our Saber Team and I was a member of our Academic Bowl Team (please feel free to ask me questions about any of them)! The only advice I have for all of you is to try new things and meet new people in our amazing unit (the second piece of advice is not to procrastinate in Szwast). Outside of school, I really like to dance and listen to…K-Pop (don’t hate ‘til you try it). I also love collecting stuffed animals and naming them weird things (if you get me a stuffie, I promise I’ll name it after you). Anyhow, please reach out to me if you have any questions at all or if you’re just bored; I’d love to get to meet you! Let’s have a ton of fun together this year :)


Amanda Nguyen

Alpha Flight Commander


Julia Zou

Alpha Flight Sergeant


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