Alpha Flight

Alpha Flight Commander: Tyler Hong
Greetings, this is c/2d Lt Superior Hong, (Tyler works too), reigning as your Alpha Flight commander. Last year, I was the armory dweller and an Armed Team psycho, , and a short asian guy on YPF. Looking forward, I plan to venture out into special teams (APT, JLAB, etc.), and find a way to avoid getting ten injuries a week. Beyond the program, I enjoy hitting the gym, biking to the most random places, hanging out with homies (goon squad), and repairing various things (rifles, sabers, cars, etc.). In terms of other activities within Scripps, I don’t do a whole lot because RO is too lit. Seriously though, this program is beyond amazing. There are so many opportunities to grow within this program, and so many amazing people to befriend. I’m always open on Discord, so feel free to hit me up and talk about anything, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Alpha Flight Sergeant: Amanda Nguyen
Yoyo, I hope you’re having a good day/night. It's c/TSgt Amanda Nguyen and I’m gonna be the Alpha Flight sergeant of 22-23! I’m a sophomore at SRHS and have been in AFJROTC for one very memorable year so far. This program has shaped me in numerous ways and gave me the opportunity to find confidence in myself. If you are new to this program, I hope that your first year can be as great as mine. If you aren’t in the program, I truly recommend joining. Now for those who have been in the program before, welcome back :] A few little things about me are that I LOVE<33 cats and I enjoy playing horror games with my friends (I totally do not scream). On the daily, I listen to Asian pop-music while I do anything, plus I like spending my time reading romance webtoons/ watching romance dramas. Please feel free to reach out to me for any reason; this can be about RO or just to talk because you accidentally binged all the chapters of a webtoon and now have nothing to do TT (it doesn’t bother me I prommy). It’s gonna be my second year this year and I’m so excited to meet you all!! You’ll see yourself grow and become a better person as time goes on in RO. I hope we can be friends and see character development in each other!! (ㅅ ͡° ³ ͡° )♡


Tyler Hong

Alpha Flight Commander


Amanda Nguyen

Alpha Flight Sergeant


Scripps Ranch High School’s Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) CA-935th program has been the number one JROTC unit in the San Diego Unified School District for many years. We value hard-work, friendship, and achievement, pushing our cadets not only to be their best, but also to perform their best.

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