Echo Flight

Echo Flight Commander: Rithvik Manikandan

Phone Number: (858)-265-7531
Hihihihihihihih!! Heyo. Hiya. :p. I’m c/2d Lt Rithvik Manikandan and I’ll be your Echo flight commander this year! I’m a 3rd year cadet in our amazing CA-935th Unit, and people call me by many names, ranging from rithu to recently, ‘rivet’ [courtesy of c/capt delacruz], but Rithvik works just fine too :). RO has been one of the most amazing experiences of not only my high school career, but also my life over the last 2 years; I’ve formed so many deep friendships & relationships with the people in this Corp, and so much more beyond merely working with them. I am a part of Operations Squadron, Saber Fancy Drill Team, YPF, Flag Detail, and an ex-logistics and ex-PA member, so if you ever have any questions about any of those teams, feel free to ask! This program has various opportunities ranging from teams to gen staff positions to BDI to COY to much, much, more. I can guarantee that, no matter what else, if you put in the time and effort and push yourself, you will reap the rewards tenfold in all the amazing drill competitions, field trips, karaoke nights, and various other exciting perks—you’ll form bonds that last years and memories that last forever—that our RO family has to offer. :)). kk some more quick deets… Outside of RO, some of my hobbies include watching netflix kdramas, binging anime, listening to music (I had over 75,000 minutes on spotify last year… i really lob music), hanging out with my friends, biking, or trying to find new ways to make some $$$. If you ever have a question, want to take on an opportunity, need (life or RO) advice, feel free to shoot me a message or just approach me in person! I’m always glad to make new friendships and help people, so come say hi to me in the grinder plsss :)). We can chitchat about ur fav music songs and give each other recs :p. This year will be amazing, and I hope to get to know each and every one of you!

Echo Flight Sgt: Sahana Balu

Phone Number: 858-254-8454
Heyo mayo! I am c/TSgt Sahana Balu (you can use any nickname you can think of except Banana). I will be your Echo Flight Sergeant. I am a second year in the RO Program and a rising sophomore. In RO, I am in the unit's Armed Fancy Drill Team (you should join, we are really cool) and the Academic Bowl Team (we are also really cool). I'm excited to meet all you incoming bean sprouts and I can't wait to see you guys grow to love and enjoy being in this program like I do (no pressure). Besides RO, I like to paint (I will make you a painting for your birthday) and I bake a little. I am always available for any questions you may have about the program or any feedback you want to give me. I can't wait to get to know all of you!


Rithvik Manikandan

Echo Flight Commander


Sahana Balu

Echo Flight Sergeant


Scripps Ranch High School’s Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) CA-935th program has been the number one JROTC unit in the San Diego Unified School District for many years. We value hard-work, friendship, and achievement, pushing our cadets not only to be their best, but also to perform their best.

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