Echo Flight

Echo Flight Commander: Justin Nguyen
Yo. I am c/2ndLt. Justin Nguyen, and I am your Echo flight commander this year. This is my 3rd year in CA-935th, and I have finally become a flight commander, a position that was filled by people that I used to and still look up to. In AFJROTC, I am part of the Armed Fancy Drill Team, and outside of that, I am a part of other clubs such as Science Olympiad and NOSB. I enjoy playing a variety of video games, watching youtube and twitch (Sadge yeah im a juicer… guess...) and hanging out with people, even if nothing in particular is happening. If you guys want, feel free to go ahead and reach out to me, and i'll usually respond pretty quickly unless I'm asleep, working on something, or in-game. I hope to see you guys inside and outside the program, whether it be virtual or irl. I hope to work with you guys, help you guys grow as people you guys come to realize how much opportunity is in this program. widepeepoHappy :point_right: :sparkling_heart:

Echo Flight Sgt: Michael He
Hello to the person who has decided to actually read my bio, I am c/TSgt Michael He and I am the Echo flight sergeant this year. I am also the CyberPatriots NCO, so please join (and do Cisco)! This is my second year in JROTC, and it's been an awesome program so far. There are tons of options for any type of person. Outside of RO, I also do Science Olympiad, Academic Bowl, Math Club, MUN and other academic extracurriculars. If you ever see me, I’ll either be studying, reading, doing homework, or anything else that is fun. (I don’t get it, what’s the deal with everyone else playing games in their spare time?) This year, I look forward to helping all y’all through the new virtual setting of RO, and make this year as good for you as it was for me last year. If you have any questions about anything RO related, or somethings that aren’t RO related, feel free to go ahead and ask. Hope you have a great year in RO! PS. pls join cyberpatriots


Justin Nguyen

Echo Flight Commander


Michael He

Echo Flight Sergeant


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