Awareness Presentation Team

Awareness Presentation Team, APT for short, consists of a handful of bright cadets passionate about spreading awareness to elementary and middle school kids on a wide range of topics. We recognize that kids around this age may begin encountering a variety of new problems at school or in their daily lives, whether it be health issues or social issues. Each year our group creates a presentation on a carefully selected topic, which consists of a Powerpoint slideshow and a handwritten play. We intend to present to as many schools as possible, but due to limited time and resources, we only have the chance to visit several schools over the course of the academic school year.

Not only is APT beneficial to the kids we present to, but also gives us a chance to help a community that has already given so much to us. APT encourages teamwork, communication, leadership, and most importantly, a sense of pride in what we are able to accomplish and the lives we are able to influence. You can find our Instagram here, and our latest podcast here. Also, don't forget to check out our TikTok page here.


Isabella Canales

APT Officer in Charge


Kelin Gonzalez



Scripps Ranch High School’s Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) CA-935th program has been the number one JROTC unit in the San Diego Unified School District for many years. We value hard-work, friendship, and achievement, pushing our cadets not only to be their best, but also to perform their best.

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