All Call Meeting

All Call Meeting

Sep 10, 2020

The following is a message from our Operations commander!

Good evening!

Our first reoccurring All Call Meeting is Monday (14 September) from 1400-1500! The code is the same one used for daily class. All Call Meetings are used to distribute information to the entire corps. All JROTC cadets are required to attend All Call Meetings every week unless they are excused by their Flight Commander or Sergeant. There is also an optional Social Half Hour from 1500-1530. Cadets are highly encouraged to join!

The following is the protocol for the Zoom meeting:

  • Log in using your school Zoom account with your name set in a Last, First format.
  • You will automatically join with your microphone muted/video off. Turn your camera on for live video. Every cadet has access to a working microphone & camera via their school-issued chrome books.
  • Mute your mic if you are not speaking to eliminate background noise.
  • The chat window will be enabled, so you can type questions that come up without interrupting the meeting. Cadets will lose chat privileges if they use the chat window unprofessionally (spamming, swearing, bullying, etc.).

I recommend you come ready to take notes, as there will be a lot of info communicated during the meeting. At the end, there will be a brief Q/A session with open mic/chat, allowing each cadet to ask questions. You can use the participants button to “raise your hand”, which allows the moderator to see hands raised and call on people one at a time. See you all on Monday!

c/Maj Katherine Tat


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