Event Refunds And Solo Drill Info

Event Refunds And Solo Drill Info

Apr 10, 2020

The following info is aimed towards Armed Team members or any cadet who wishes to participate in a solo Armed Exhibition competition. Please note that the participant must be a high school student, must use their OWN rifle(not unit/gov owned rifles), must have parent consent, participation is strictly independent and not connected to JROTC support in any way, the attire must be strictly civilian (trousers, plain collared shirt, footgear - no logos or identifying items on clothing), the routine must be 2-3 minutes with no strict area size (although 30’x30’ is typical), and the participant is responsible for viewing the online SOP. The sign up sheet is here.

The following are the official rules:

  1. Students participating will be entered by their parent and/or guardian only. JROTC instructors should contact their cadets and/or parent to alert them to this method of entry and send them the attached entry form…but JROTC instructors can maintain no official or unofficial involvement past that point.

  2. High school students who choose to enter this event must have their own drill rifle or have access to one.

  3. The performing cadet will simply provide their name and school info for registration and for report in & out on the video. No service affiliation will be sought nor presented in any manner. To that end, cadets will compete with long pants and collared shirt. This clothing has no restrictions on colors or style BUT cannot in anyway identify a military service branch by writing, image or words used in the routine (a non-descript cover is optional and not required).

  4. The registration fee will be for one cadet or two soloist from the same school but each cadet must compete a separate registration form.

  5. Filming of the routine must be done from a 10’ distance at all times and must be done by a household member (NOTE: cannot have friends gather to perform and film).

  6. No boundaries will be officially in use, however students should review the score sheet to see that marching is a graded element of the competition. Traditional area is 25-33 feet square. And a 2-3 minute time limit is still in effect.

Regarding cancellations for SNI drill events, they said “We have gone through the arduous process of finalizing all refunds still outstanding for the numerous drill & ceremony competitions that we have been forced to cancel. For those programs still awaiting refund checks, the last round is mailing by this Friday and you should have them in your hands by next week. SNI is sorry for the delay but this is all new territory for us as well. We are glad to be able to finalize this for you and again, so sorry for the time this took to complete.”


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