General Staff Presentations

General Staff Presentations

Apr 8, 2020

Here is a message from our new Group Commander concerning General Staff.

General Staff Presentation Notes:

Tuesday Newsday!!

Samantha and I will be holding a presentation over Zoom for all General Staff applicants. It will be highly informative and better prepare you for the General Staff Application process, especially during this time where the only mode of communication is through digital means. ALL GENERAL STAFF APPLICANTS are highly encouraged to attend this meeting.

When: this Thursday, April 9 @2 pm

Where: Over Zoom with the join code 877 940 293

What: Every officer (and some NCOs) for every General Staff Position from the staff of 2019-2020 will give a brief oral summary of what their job consists of, lesser-known duties, challenges, benefits, needed skills, etc Q&A from applicants to all current General Staff as well as Samantha and myself Application advice

Interview advice

General Staff advice

Why: So 2020-2021 General Staff Applicants can make informed decisions on what job they want to apply for and pursue in JROTC

So applicants can be well informed on how the digital interview/application process will proceed

So applicants can participate in the interview and application with the skills needed to be a competitive candidate and successfully gain the desired position

If you are unable to attend the meeting, go to this document below and there will be some notes that cover the general proceedings, but it will not be as enriching as attending the presentation firsthand

Before and after the presentation, all applicants are encouraged to speak with the cadet currently in the position that the applicant desires or is curious about as well as read about the position in the Cadet Handbook

General Staff Application are due to the Google Forms by Friday, April 10!!!! Application:

Google Forms (paste application document link here): All my love,

-c/urbff Christian Yoon


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