Pt Gear Pickup

Pt Gear Pickup

Sep 16, 2020

Hello everyone!


This Friday (9/18), from 1330 to 1600 (1:30-4:00), please come to the school to pick up your PT gear. Even if you do NOT have RO this Quarter, you still are required to come. If you are unable to, let your Flight Commander or Sgt know. ALSO, if you bought a Unit Shirt, make sure to bring the receipt or some form of confirmation that you bought it, on Friday and you will be given your Unit Shirts. Please don’t forget to bring your own pen as well. If there are any upperclassmen that need new PT Gear due to it being worn out or you need a new size, you are welcome to come as well. If you have other pick-up needs (ex: uniform items), you MUST email MSgt. Toledo or Col. Tucker BEFORE Friday. Here is the link to purchase the Unit Shirt (highly recommended)

If there are any questions, message c/Capt. Jacob Wong for any more details. Thanks everyone!

-c/Capt. Justin Bui


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