Uniform Return Checklist

Uniform Return Checklist

May 18, 2020

This is a message from your Logistics Commander concerning uniform returns. Uniform Returns ONLY apply to Non-Returning RO Cadets. Cadets will be required to return ALL of these Uniform Items that are posted on the 1st attached link. DOUBLE CHECK that you have EVERYTHING on that list. Departing cadets will place all their UNIFORM ITEMS neatly in a sealed bag with the Label for the bag securely attached to it. The Label is on the second page of the 2nd attached link titled “Collection for Uniforms”. For AWARDS BANQUET: IF you are a cadet that is on the CURRENT Senior Staff / General Staff of 2019-2020 and are NOT returning to RO next year, you will RETURN YOUR UNIFORMS on your scheduled date. You will be required to dress in appropriate civilian attire for the awards banquet.

  • Seniors, please wait for more information regarding returning uniforms, but still check that you have all the uniform items. More to follow. If there are any questions please ask, thank you guys :)) ! c/Capt. Wong, Jacob

The instructions and the checklist of uniform items that need to be returned can be found here.


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