Wednesday Uniform Distribution Info

Wednesday Uniform Distribution Info

Sep 21, 2020

This is a message from our Logistics Commander!

Hello everyone! Here is more IMPORTANT information you need to know for Wednesday’s Uniform Item Distribution (9/23) from 1300-1530 (1:00-3:30). Please read it all :)).

  • This Distribution on Wed. (9/23) ONLY applies to Upperclassmen regardless of what quarter you have RO. (if you have RO Q2, you can come!)
  • If you need NEW ranks, you MUST bring back your OLD ranks, or else you won’t be able to exchange them.
  • You are able to get ribbons ONLY if they are ribbons you have previously been issued (meaning you can’t be given a ribbon you don’t have)
  • Dry Clean all Uniform Items if you are exchanging any for new sizes. (Make sure to tell your Flight CC what size you currently have and what size you want to exchange for)
  • Upperclassmen Females are ALLOWED to get skirts!
  • Remember to tell Teams/Flight CC if you need an item BEFORE Tuesday Afternoon (if you need a cord, ask your teams’ cc if you need ranks, ask your flight cc, and etc.). If you don’t let them know, you can’t come.

It is best that you guys get your “needed items” now. I hope this clears up any confusion, but if there are any questions, please let me know! Thanks, everyone!

-c/Capt. Jacob Wong :))


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