Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures

Feb 19, 2018

Senior Pictures


The PA Squadron is working on the annual end of the year video! We are requesting that you send in THREE photos. Here is the criteria:

  1. Two baby photos (newborn, infant, or toddler)
  2. One senior portrait/A recent photo of yourself (if you did not take one at prestige portraits)

If you did not purchase a photo package from Prestige portraits, but had your photo taken for the yearbook at their studio, you can send us the proofs that are in an envelope that they sent to your home address (with the Prestige watermark is ok).

How to submit photos electronically to PA:

  1. Scan and upload your photo to your computer and save to a desired folder.
  2. Email with photos attached.
  3. If your images cannot all fit in your one email message, you can send them individually. Keep replying to the same email you sent.
  4. Send photos with the subject header: <First and last name> | Senior baby photos.

If you do not want to electronically upload your photos, you can submit a hard copy to the inbox inside the senior staff room (it’s right by the door):

  1. Place photos in an envelope with name and flight as so, <First and last name> | <Flight> | Senior baby photos
  2. We will return your photos within 2-3 days in flight (MSgt. T or Lt. Col. Sheldon will hand them back).

To be included in the end of the year video, you must submit your pictures NLT 27 April 2018. Email PA if you have any further questions.


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